Our history

From ancient times, our predecessors have engaged in animal husbandry not only to satisfy the gastronomic needs, but also to produce leather. In most large villages there were mini-tanneries for processing of leather. In 1916 a small tannery was built in Ryazan - in the territory of the former Troitskaja Sloboda.

The first building of the tannery was the modern shopping center "Ryazanskiy". According to the documents that have survived to the present time "Liflyandskii leather tannery of Shlioma Igelov Levin was evacuated from Riga to Ryazan". This semi-handicraft production with 70 workers became the starting point in history of one of the leading tanneries in Eastern Europe - Ryazan Leather Tannery.

Before the revolution, the factory was a private property, but in 1918 it was nationalized like most other enterprises. At the beginning it was called Steam leather tannery “Hromkozh”, and some time later - Ryazan leather tannery № 2 "Hromkozh". In 1927, the factory was passed at the disposal of provincial management tanning industry of RSFSR Ministry of Light Industry. The tannery got the new name - Ryazan Leather Tannery of the October Revolution. In 1933, the volume of production output was improved to 400.000 skins per year. At the beginning of 1940 the annual plan was fulfilled to 113.3%. Reduction of the product cost, exceeding of the quality plan, and increasing of labor productivity were turned out well. In the war period the tannery produced 163.400 square dm. of leather. So, we can safely say that the Ryazan Leather Tannery forged the Great Victory with others.

In winter 1953, at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the RSFSR the tannery presented 50 leather articles of different colors. According to the results of work for the 1st quarter of 1954 the Minister of manufacturing consumer products of the USSR awarded Ryazan Leather Tannery the title "The Enterprise of excellent quality". By 1955, the tannery produced more than 40 kinds of fancy and shoe leather.

At the beginning of the seven-year plan (1959-1966) the tannery was fully prepared. The staff and management were inspired with previous success. The seven-year plan has been performed ahead of time. During these years the team of tannery won the championship in social competitions between workers of leather industry of the RSFSR 16 times. More than once they got the 1st place diploma of the ENEA.

In 1961 the tannery was instate “the enterprise of communist labor”. Ryazan Leather Tannery was the first which awarded such title. In 1966 it became the first enterprise in Ryazan region, which was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

In 70-80 years, the tannery has developed a new type of product - two-color leather. Besides, there was introduced a new method of leather coating. In the seventies Ryazan leather raw base and Spassky Leather Tannery joined to Ryazan Leather Tannery.

In 1988 a new stage began in the history of the tannery. Instead of the old production the modern leather tannery was built "turnkey" by the Italian company "COGOLO". The scale of the new project was great: the tannery’ area was 480,000 square meters. AO “Russkaya Kozha” is the most modern leather tannery in Russia, moreover, it is the largest enterprise of such type in Europe.

In modern conditions, economically effective production always tries to minimize the negative influence on the environment and find the ways of recycling waste. In 2001, the tannery's management has adopted the concept "Waste-to-revenue." Within its framework, the company implemented the

program to create new commercial products from wastes –protein feed supplements, protein hydrolyzate, working clothing, organic fertilizers, soap. In the past few years the tannery has been realized the complex reconstruction of treatment facilities. The sanitary and industrial laboratory with all necessary equipment was organized to monitor the environment.

In 2005 the company became a member of SATRA - the leading international organization dedicated to unique research and technological development in footwear, fancy and furniture leather industries.

Ryazan Leather Tannery today is the largest producer of leather for footwear, furniture, clothing and fancy goods in Russian Federation. AO “Russkaya Kozha” - leather giant, which accounts of 35% of all leather production in Russia. At the same time, 48% of production is exported. The tannery cooperates with more than 100 leading companies from Russia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Asia, etс and supplies to them its products.


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