Personnel policy

Personnel policy is an integral part of all management and production activities of JS “Russkaya Koza” and is aimed at the effective selection of personnel, its adaptation, training in accordance with the needs of business. The main goal is to create a cohesive, responsible, high-performance team that can solve any problems.



Group of companies “Russkaya Kozha” always believed that people - the main resource of production, the key to success. The management of the enterprise supports the desire of employees for professional development. Being the leader of the leather market in Russia, “Russkaya Kozha” pays great attention to training the personnel, both leather crafts and development of personal skills.

Every year company's specialists improve their qualifications via trainings and seminars with foreign specialists. Technologists of the tannery regularly have a traineeship in the best companies in Italy. An important contribution to the development of the Russian leather industry is made by industry symposiums organized by the "Russkaya Kozha ". All participants of the market take part in these forums: manufacturers and sellers of chemistry, leather, footwear. They have the opportunity to communicate directly with the best specialists of the industry, receive information about the situation on the world market, the latest trends and equipment, innovative technologies. The speakers at the symposiums are representatives of major international institutions, research organizations and manufacturing companies.



The Company have a Personnel Development Department, the main goal of which is the working up, formation, implementation and improvement of training system and development of personnel.

Within the framework of the "Corporate University" training sessions are organized. They allow employees to gain knowledge in the field of general management, marketing, sales and production.


Professional holiday

Every year, every second Sunday in June, the factory workers celebrate their professional holiday "The Day of the Light Industry Worker". On this landmark day, ceremonial events are held, the best employees and veterans of the tannery are awarded.



Social responsibility

JS “Russkaya Kozha” applies in practice the principles of social responsibility of large businesses to society. Company participates in the development of the infrastructure of the nearby district, it helps social institutions: schools, kindergartens, polyclinics and hospitals. As well company renders financial support to the specialized sports school of the Olympic reserve for sambo and judo "Rodnoi krai - Sport". Significant results show the youth team of the tannery. Annually the team takes part in the contest "Ryazanskiy valenok".

A column of management representatives, veterans of the tannery, workers and members of their families annually passes through the city streets as part of the enterprises participating in the demonstration that takes place in the city on 1st of May.



Corporate culture

Healthy lifestyle. In our Company every year take place Spartakiada among the employees of the enterprise and the Holding company "Invest" in various sports: cross-country skiing, basketball, mini-football, running, cycloscross, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, rock climbing, shooting, bowling and fun starts. There are tours of Corporate cycling. The Holding has teams of employees who take part in sports competitions of the city and the region.




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