Igor Surin
Chairman of board of directors
Andrei Nizov
General Manager

At the Ryazan leather tannery work about 1,500 people. Employees are provided with all benefits, guarantees and compensations stipulated by the Labour Code. The clause "About the social guarantees and benefits" provides additional guarantees to employees, including:

- Financial assistance;

- Paid holidays;

- Provision of health services and medical advice.

The tannery staff are competent and skilled young men always alert to the clients requests.

Production at the tannery runs around the clock.

For workers it is always possible to choose a specialty with a handy chart for you: a three day, two shifts in two days, etc. Five-day working week is installed for specialists. Production workers are granted additional paid leave, depending on the profession - 7 or 14 days. For people without professional education there is training in leather specialties in production.

Ryazan Tannery professes the principle of "promotion from within" - "From the ordinary worker to the head". There are more than enough such examples in the company.

Every employee has the opportunity to:

- their professional and qualification training;

- develop new and related proffecions;

- be interviewed for inclusion in the personnel reserve.

Is there a requirement for a foreign language knowledge indispensable?

Ryazan Tannery works with many foreign companies, so the knowledge of a foreign language in the selection of candidates for some jobs is indispensable.


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