Ryazan Leather Tannery is the largest Russian company for the production of leather for footwear, garments, furniture, car interiors.

The company has a modern, experimental laboratory furnished with specialized equipment for leather testing, which allows to carry out unique tests, such as testing for color fastness to perspiration, water vapor permeability of the skin, characterization tarnish skin, formaldehyde content, chromium "6" content etc.

Nowadays, the tannery is able to offer laboratory services on existing equipment, as well as consider the relevance of new equipment purchasing for different types of tests.

In order to estimate the demand for laboratory services, please fill out the attached form. It compiled a list of the available equipment and the types of analyzes performed on it.

We would really appreciate the provided information.

The Application Form (download).

The application form should be sent by fax: 8 (4912) 306590 or by the e-mail:  eruzaykina@leather.ru.


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