«RK Altai» Zarinsk Tannery


RK-ALTAI is now the most important project for the Group. It is a developing new tannery under construction in the Altai region of Siberia. The construction has been started since October 2015, and it is supposed to be complete in 2017.

- We are planning to process about 600 ton of raw material per month.

- It is supposed to produce about 100 000 sq. m. per month.

- There will be about 200 employees at the tannery.

It is supposed to produce leather for footwear, furniture and car upholstery and even for different purposes of healthcare industry.

We use advanced technologies and regularly consult with international experts. The new plant will process cattle, pig, goat and sheep hides and skins in order to meet the demands of developing local cattle-breeding.

Altai tannery will be a kind of stimulus for complex developing of agriculture and light industry of the region. We also hope to be a good example for other investors in the region.


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