Industrial tourism

Thematic routs

1. We are producing “Russian leather”
Leather production has many thousands years. What stages do the leather pass in modern Ryazan tannery? You will learn all technical processes of leather production through the visiting an excursion tour at the factory. You will find out what a long way have to make every decimeter of leather in order to we could enjoy with our pieces and accessorizes from natural leather.
2. Profession – tanner
Tanning – one of the oldest professions with which our the most distant ancestors had started. Nowadays tanner profession is based on deep understanding of leather characteristics and particularity of its processing. You will learn how hard but interesting is work of a wale on leather.
3. About the equipment
During the excursion you will see the newest equipment with the highest level of automation, which helps to produce wide range of leather types.
4. Puzzles of splitting
How and why leather splitting is done? You can immerse into technical process, which allows to get thin skins from more thick. Tanners will reveal all secrets of making split skins, from which most of famous brands sew shoes and accessories.
5. Goods made of Ryazan leather
You will get acquainted with the process of production of skins for shoes, will learn, how apparel, garment leather and leather for furniture is made. You will learn about advantages of the products of our tannery and you will be dedicated to the secrets of Ryazan leather production.
6. Our leather flies in plains
Aviation leather must have good exploitation properties, be light and resistant to external influences and meet a variety of technical requirements. You will find out how the plant manages to produce leather, which easily withstands all checks and tests, what are the features of this type of leather, and why well known airlines choose Ryazan leather.
7. “Russian leather” in salons of cars
“Russkaya Kozha” is the first manufacturer of leather for car’s salons. New workshop, automatic cutting, modernized operating lines and new specialized equipment for such type of leather – all of it you will see during our excursion.
8. About wastes
What happens to the waste of our production? It’s very simple. Natural protein sausage casings, food for pets, soap, gelatin, marmalade and many other things are made from it. In this section we will tell you everything about the raw materials for these products.
9. Treatment facilities
Environmental safety of production is one of the most important requirements for large enterprises. This task is effectively solved on Ryazan Tannery. You will get acquainted with the continuous cycle of sewage treatment and learn what innovative developments are used in this area.
10. Central laboratory of factory
You will learn how laboratory quality control of chemical materials, raw materials, semi-finished products are carried out, how the quality of manufactured tanning products is tested, how is revealed the level of pollutants in industrial emissions, atmospheric air and sewage. You can get acquainted with laboratory research and testing of factors in the production environment.
11. Furniture factory “Home Collection”
Furniture factory “Home Collection” - the leader of the Russian market for the production of soft leather furniture. The main feature of the factory is the use of its own production of natural leather in the manufacture of its products. The factory is the largest enterprise for the production of upholstered furniture made of genuine leather not only in the Ryazan region, but throughout the whole of Russia. Furniture of “Home Collection” is represented in more than 150 cities of Russia and the near abroad.


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