Industrial tourism


Rules for organizing the excursion:

  • Beginning at 10.00
  • Registration of the application - 5 working days before the day of excursion
  • Excursions are conducted as a group is completed
  • Number of excursionists in the group - no more than 25 people
  • Excursions to production units are in compliance with corporate standards
  • Conditions for master classes and quizzes are discussed individually


Mandatory requirements for participants:

  • Compliance with internal regulations
  • Tourists must be healthy at the time of the event
  • Entrance to the enterprise for the excursion is strictly with identity document
  • Realization of photo and video shooting only in strictly defined places

Choose your package of excurcion:

Base – 1:35 hours – without meal – 470 RUB for a person

Standard – 2 hours – with tea break – 880 RUB for a person

Prestige – 3:05 hours – with lunch – 1 350 RUB for a person

Premium – 3:35 hours – with VIP lunch – 2 000 RUB for a person.

Discount for students 20%. 


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