The range of production of Ryazan’s Leather Tannery presume constant development of ecological and economical programs. Since 2012 till now investments in it amounted to more than 600 million rubles (more than 8,5 million euros). The plant modernizes production lines, develops technics of productions, take new innovative measures, which contributing improvement of environment. An important feature of leather production is a possibility to recycle the most of wastes. Our Tannery utilize less than 10% of wastes, rest of it goes for production of other types of products of the factory.

Big power – big responsibility

Eco-friendly production

Leather production wastes recycling to the quality of raw material for the other processing productions.

1. Production of multipurpose soil

A research of Russkaya Kozha helped to get a clean multipurpose soil consisting of sewage sludge, formed in the process of waste cleaning.

This soil is used for:

  • Recultivation of affected grounds and polygons of solid wastes.
  • Recuperation of forestlands after the fire
  • Planting of trees and gardens in cities and towns
  • Road building in greening of downslopes
  • Planting of lawns grass and rose-gardens

Terms of realization 2014-2018 years

2. Processing of protein containing wastes

  • Protein flour is used as protein feed addictive for feeding domestic animals, birds, fish.
  • Cleared fat is used in medicine, cosmetology for creams and ointment.
  • Collagen containing material – is treated pelt wastes used in food industry for getting sausage covering and bioactive nutrients.
  • Proteins forcemeat is a basic product in production of nutrition for cats and dogs.

Terms of realization 2015-2019 years

3. Recycled chrome cuttings used for:

  • noise-insulating fillers
  • protein flour (for glue, technical gelatin)


Reducing of quantity of contaminant emissions at the atmosphere. Increasing of ecological security in production.

1. Reducing of quantity of contaminant emissions on sources of emissions

Installation of filters, covers and valves in zones of emissions

Terms of realization 2017-2018 years

2. Reducing of emission emissions of CO2

Replacement of diesel electrolouders for electro stacker truck

Terms of realization 2015-2019 years

3. Reducing of bad smell in the air in a zone of treatment facilities.

Cleaning of liming wastes reducing quantity of mercaptans. (*Project of recuperation of liming flow.)

4. Replacement of dust cleaning system.

Executed in the year 2016.


Reducing of water consumption per unit of produced material and volume of wastewater.

  1. Application of covering dyeing technic without spraying. Executed in 2016.
  2. Installation of cooling towers for circulating water system in equipment’s cooling system. Terms of realization 2015-2017.
  3. Installation of new hidro filters in covering dyeing cabins. Executed in 2016.
  4. Replacement of automatized systems in processes of tanning and dyeing.
  5. Replacement of wooden drums for plastic, reducing consumption of water in washing. Terms of realization 2016-2020.
  6. Filtrate utilization in washing while tanning process. Terms of realization 2016-2017.


Project of recuperation of liming flow in production.

At the present time liming flows go to treatment facilities of the factory. According to the project, used limiting fluid, previously cleaned, goes back to the production.

That helps to reduce:

  1. Consumption of chemical products used for limiting process
  2. Consumption of water in production
  3. Quantity of waste water, dropped to the city manifold
  4. Concentration of contaminant in waste water, dropped to the city manifold
  5. Quantity of hydrogen sulphide’s and ammonia’s emissions from aerate capacities of treatment facilities.


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