«Russkaya Kozha» Group of companies

Our mission is to process animal hides and skins as by-product of meat industry into leather – useful material that perfectly suits for footwear, leathergoods, garment and upholstery. Leather production is vital for people’s everyday needs.

Too important are for us the efforts aimed at environment protection and social responsibility. We are introducing alternative technology in the full-cycle of leather manufacture.

Environment protection, social responsibility, cost-effectiveness and quality products meeting all modern requirements make up our reputation. This is our main asset to lead us into the future.

Group of companies "Russkaya Kozha" – is the union of tanneries belonging to the same Invest holding, whose activities are related to the production and sale of natural leather or leather finished products. The purpose of amalgamation is effective management and functioning of companies. This allows companies, working in the same industry, to share experiences, knowledge and technologies.



The group of companies "Russkaya Kozha" includes seven industrial companies. All of them have one thing in common: natural leather. Each member is unique with his strong, ambitious and distinguishing character that makes him a leader in his field.



AO «Russkaya kozha»

Ryazan Tannery is one of the largest tanneries in Russia.

  • Producing about 720 000 sq. m. per month.
  • More than 400 customers around the world are the clients of the tannery.
  • More than 800 tannery machines are installed on the area of 480 000 sq. m.
  • There are about 1500 employees at the tannery.

Ryazan Tannery is one of the oldest tanneries in Russia. In 1916 the tannery was evacuated from Riga to Ryazan. After the revolution of 1917 the private factory was nationalized. It continued to develop in accordance with the rhythm of the century. In the 80s the Council of Ministers of USSR decided to build a new plant in the outskirts of Ryazan. It was a rebirth of the old tannery. In the beginning of the 90s the volumes of production drastically fell. Cooperation relations all over the country were broken. It required swift and firm action. And then new leaders came and gave it a new start. In 1999 “Russkaya Kozha” company was established. A new team had to solve lots of problems. These were to restore raw materials supply, to re-establish partnership, to attract large investment, and to upgrade the machinery. But the most important issue was to build and strengthen people’s self-confidence.

It took one hundred years to make a road from artisan to industrial mass production of one third of all leathers made in Russia.

Union for Leather (UFL)

UNION FOR LEATHER, S.L. is our new modern tannery in the southeast of Spain which was opened in 2012. Its production area is more than 6 000 sq. m. The tannery is equipped with latest machinery, which allows to produce wide range of leather. The main purpose is to supply leather for the European market. Actually our sales markets are England, Portugal, France, Morocco, Spain, Germany and Italy.

The tannery is equipped with latest modern machinery, which allows producing a wide range of footwear and furniture leather. The tannery’s producing capacity is about 1 500,000 sq. f. per month.

In 2012 the tannery was given “The best investments of the month” award in Murcia.

PAO «Saphyan».

«Saphyan» as a service company has long experience in property management for the Group members to provide them with energy, machinery repair and to control emission and waste.

Too important are for us the efforts aimed at environment protection.

The group of companies «Russkaya kozha» is working on advancing environmental and energy programs. Environmental commitment is one of the priorities of the tannery’ development strategy.

To improve environmental conditions we are constantly modernizing the production line and adopting innovative technologies.

Our experts work closely with foreign colleagues on the effective methods of sewage treatment.

Our biological treatment technique is one of the most advanced.

All products are inspected and certified by European bodies such as TUV, BLC, TFL, and other renowned institutions.

Our company’s quality system has been certified by ISO 9001-2008.

«Home Collection» (ООO «Kozhprommebel»)

«Home Collection» is a manufacturer of leather furniture. “Home Collection” retail chain is being developed actively.

Furniture factory «Home Collection» is number one of leather furniture producers in Russia. “Home Collection” retail chain is being developed actively.

The product range includes upholstered furniture with different design and functional properties. Each model is developed as per ergonomic and orthopedic requirements to ensure comfort and well-being.

Innovative production and fresh design allow us to produce high quality furniture meeting our customers’ demands.

LTD «TC Ryazan Tannery»

«Ryazan Tannery Trading Company Ltd» provides for export / import of leather materials, market research and technologies.

BKS Leather Ltd.

«BKS Leather Ltd» is situated in the south of China. It focuses on the production of finished leather. The number of articles is huge and meets the demands of different customers. The tannery is steadily expanding the production not only on the Asian market but also in America and Australia.

BKS LEATHER Co., Ltd is a modern tannery in Dongguan, China. BKS Leather Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. Its production area is more than 9 000 sq. m. The tannery’s producing capacity is about 1 500,000 sq. f. per month. The quality of production meets the international standards.

There are all kinds of leathers, and they are quite competitive not only in China market but also abroad. Ecological safety is very important issue for us. That is why modern treatment facilities were installed at the tannery.

Every year BKS Leather Co., Ltd. takes part in the most important Asian exhibitions such as APLF MM&T in Hong Kong and International Exhibition on Shoes & Leather Industry in Guangzhou.

Production in China created the necessary service for consumers not only in Asia, but also in America and Australia.

«RK Altai» (Zarinsk Tannery)

«RK Altai» is a new tannery under construction in the Altai region of Siberia. It is supposed to process hides and skins of local animals. We are planning to supply not only for Siberia but also countrywide.

RK-ALTAI is now the most important project for the Group. It is a developing new tannery under construction in the Altai region of Siberia. The construction has been started since October 2015, and it is supposed to be complete in 2017.

  • We are planning to process about 600 ton of raw material per month.
  • It is supposed to produce about 100 000 sq. m. per month.
  • There will be about 200 employees at the tannery.

It is supposed to produce leather for footwear, furniture and car upholstery and even for different purposes of healthcare industry.

We use advanced technologies and regularly consult with international experts. The new plant will process cattle, pig, goat and sheep hides and skins in order to meet the demands of developing local cattle-breeding.

Altai tannery will be a kind of stimulus for complex developing of agriculture and light industry of the region. We also hope to be a good example for other investors in the region.


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