Ryazan Tannery is one of the largest tanneries in Russia.

- Producing about 720 000 sq. m. per month.

- More than 400 customers around the world are the clients of the tannery.

- More than 800 tannery machines are installed on the area of 480 000 sq. m.

- There are about 1500 employees at the tannery.

Ryazan Tannery is one of the oldest tanneries in Russia. In 1916 the tannery was evacuated from Riga to Ryazan. After the revolution of 1917 the private factory was nationalized. It continued to develop in accordance with the rhythm of the century. In the 80s the Council of Ministers of USSR decided to build a new plant in the outskirts of Ryazan. It was a rebirth of the old tannery. In the beginning of the 90s the volumes of production drastically fell. Cooperation relations all over the country were broken. It required swift and firm action. And then new leaders came and gave it a new start. In 1999 “Russkaya Kozha” company was established. A new team had to solve lots of problems. These were to restore raw materials supply, to re-establish partnership, to attract large investment, and to upgrade the machinery. But the most important issue was to build and strengthen people’s self-confidence.

It took one hundred years to make a road from artisan to industrial mass production of one third of all leathers made in Russia.



The quality of every piece of leather is being controlled by special department to meet high international standards. Our laboratory is equipped with up-to-date devices that allow us to conduct all necessary testing. The laboratory has been regularly certified by Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology

Innovative production and fresh design allow us to produce high quality leather meeting our customers’ demands.





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